Teacher Makes An Extra $30,000 With This Side Hustle

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Today’s guest is MJ Bridges- a teacher from Atlanta who found himself over $97,000 in debt.

MJ stumbled upon a unique side hustle that ultimately made him over $30,000 in one year!

The best part: MJ’s job as a teacher wasn’t affected by this side hustle

Listen below as MJ chronicles his journey out of debt using this side hustle.

Key Moments To Listen For

How MJ Found Himself $97,000 In Debt [1:39]

Breakdown Of MJ’s Debt [3:15]

Tools That Helped MJ Get Started [7:19]

Side Hustles MJ Started With [9:04]

Getting Started With His Side Hustle [10:46]

E-scooter Side Hustle Income And Goals [20:19]

How Many Hours MJ Side Hustled Outside of Teaching [21:31]

Mindset Changes MJ Needed To Make To Pay Off Debt [28:21]

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This teacher charged e-scooters as a side hustle in Atlanta and made an extra $30,000 to pay off his debt.

Looking for side hustles for teachers? Check out this interview with teacher MJ Bridges who made an extra $30,000 with his side hustle

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