How Fran Earns $5k/Month From Home As A Virtual Assistant

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On episode 24 of The Winning To Wealth Podcast, Fran Moore stops by to share how she went from aspiring virtual assistant to making enough money to quit her job in a few short months.

We talk about topics like:

  • What exactly is a virtual assistant?
  • How to determine is becoming a virtual assistant is right for you?
  • How to get clients and set pricing?
  • How to build your business and the value of hiring a coach.

Listen To The Podcast

Moments To Listen For

What Is A Virtual Assistant- 2:07

Skills Needed To Be A Successful Virtual Assistant- 4:11

How Tech Savvy You Need To Be- 6:37

Fran’s Early Challenges As A Virtual Assistant- 8:10

How To Land Your 1st Virtual Assistant Client- 9:20

The Decision To Go From Side Hustler To FT Entrepreneur- 13:26

How To Decide Business Expenses- 15:06

How Long Did It Take To Get To 5k/Month- 16:08

Setting Pricing As A Virtual Assistant- 18:45

Tips For Someone Looking To Become a VA- 25:41

Connect With Fran

Fran’s Instagram

Fran’s Website

how fran moore makes 5k per month as a virtual assistant

Resources Mentioned

Hire A Coach

Online VA Courses With Teachable

Profit First Book:

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Fran moore shares how she makes thousands of dollars at home as a virtual assistant on this episode of the winning to wealth podcast.

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