How To Monetize Your Skills And Your Knowledge

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George Pitts is a 6-figure business coach and host of the Monetize Everything podcast.

On this episode of the Winning To Wealth podcast, George shares how you can use your natural skills and abilities to make money online.

George shares how to find time to build your side hustle, where to find customers, how to hire the right people once you’re making money, and so much more.

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Key Moments To Listen For

George’s First Side Hustle & What He Learned [2:32]

How George Is Monetizing His Skills Today [6:22]

Challenges Faced So Far [11:23]

How George Vets His Hires [13:52]

How To Know When You’ve Found Your Gift [18:41]

Doing Something You Love vs Doing What Pays [22:44]

How To Find Time To Start A Business [27:53]

How To Find Customers For Your Business [32:05]

Common Mistakes People Make Early On [36:09]

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George Pitts is a business coach who teaches others how to use their natural skills to make money online. Learn his tips to becoming a 6-figure business owner in this post.

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