How Rachael Paid Off $60,000 Then Became The Best-Selling Author Of A Money Book

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Rachael Hanible is the author of the best-selling children’s book “Amber’s Magical Savings Box” and she is stopping by the neighborhood to share her story.

After growing up in poverty, Rachael found herself over $60,000 in debt as an adult.

Learn how she paid off her debt, why she wrote a children’s book, and how parents can teach their kids about money in the episode below.

Key Moments To Listen For

  • The Financial Example Rachael Had As A Child (1:24)
  • How Childhood Impacted Her Finances (2:33)
  • How She Overcame Peer Pressure To Spend Money (9:48)
  • The Inspiration For Writing A Children’s Money Book (15:12)
  • Teaching Kids To Be Problem Solvers For Money (17:30)
  • How Parents Can Help Kids Set Money Goals (20:27)
  • How Money Fights Can Affect Your Children (22:40)


Tools To Help You

Amber’s Magical Savings Box

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