How Jason Makes $1k/Month Selling Items On Ebay Part-Time

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Jason Butler of MyMoneyChronicles.com stops in to share his best tips for making money as an ebay reseller.

Jason currently has an ebay store with over 250 items listed and brings in about $1,000 per month in revenue.

This is in addition to working a full-time job and managing other side hustles.

We talk about finding items, getting them listed and sold, then the best practices for shipping.

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Key Moments To Listen For

Jason’s First Side Hustle- [2:26]

Getting Started As An Ebay Reseller- [4:18]

Determining What Will Sell On Ebay And What Won’t- [7:27]

How To Price Your Items On Ebay- [10:24]

Where You Can Store Your Items- [11:43]

-How Long Does It Take Items To Sell On Ebay?- [13:46]

Steps To Take When An Item Isn’t Selling On Ebay- [15:02]

How To Ship Items Once They Sell On Ebay- [18:35]

How To Make Your Ebay Listings Stand Out- [21:35]

Tips To Keep Your Ebay Store Organized- [27:14]

Common Mistakes New Resellers Make- [28:18]

Tools To Help You Get Started- [30:15]

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