How Combining Finances Helped This Couple Pay Off $233,000

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On episode 23 of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, I sit down with Lauren Mochizuki of CasaMochi.com to discuss her family’s debt-free journey.

Lauren was a big spender, so when her husband approached her with paying off debt, she was shocked.

Listen in as Lauren shares how she was able to get on board, the steps they took to become debt-free, and how this journey impacted her family life and marriage.

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Key Moments To Listen For

[2:40] How Lauren Was Managing Money Prior To Marriage

[5:56] The Process Of Combining Finances After Marriage

[6:50] How Much Debt They Had

[10:56] Initial Steps Taken To Tackle Debt Together

[12:27] Roadblocks To Debt Freedom

[14:30] How To Prioritize Your Marriage On A Debt-Free Journey

[16:18] How To Keep Your Spouse Encouraged

[17:14] How Long Did It Take To Become Debt-Free

[19:42] What Life After Debt Has Been Like

[22:57] How The Debt-Free Journey Changed Their Marriage

[24:34] Other Benefits Of Debt-Freedom

Connect With Lauren

On Instagram at @CasaMochi

On The Web at CasaMochi.com

Resources Mentioned

Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover

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Should you combine finances with a spouse? Lauren Mochizuki shares how merging their money helped her and her husband pay off their debt.

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