How Albert Paid Off $45,000 In Just 22 Months

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Today I’m joined by Albert Daley, an occupational therapist from Florida who was able to pay off $45,000 worth of student loans and car debt in just 22 months.

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Key Moments To Listen For

Albert’s Childhood [1:01]

How Albert Found Himself $45k in Debt [3:32]

Taking Out A Bad Car Loan [4:33]

How Albert Started Addressing His Debt [10:10]

Income Range & Necessary Lifestyle Changes [13:07]

How Friends & Family Responded [17:25]

The Moment Albert Became Debt Free [18:52]

What Helped Albert The Most [23:57]

What Would He Do Differently [25:38]

Resources Mentioned

Total Money Makeover

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

ChooseFI Podcast

Rich & Regular Blog

Personal Finance Club on Instagram

Connect With Albert

OT_Bert on Instagram


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