Using Geoarbitrage To Reach Your Money Goals With Amanda Williams

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Could you move across the country to save money if it meant reaching your life goals sooner?

That’s what today’s guest, Amanda Williams of DebtFreeInSunnyCa, did recently.

Amanda and her husband, Josh, left California for Austin, TX to reach their retirement goals earlier than the norm.

Listen below as we talk about the move, how she plans to build wealth after moving, and even the news she received a few days prior to moving.

Key Moments To Listen To

  • The Creation Of The #DebtFreeCommunity (3:00)
  • What Motivated Amanda & Josh To Move (5:04)
  • How Did They Decide Where To Move (7:24)
  • Costs Of Moving Across The Country (9:28)
  • Financial Benefits Of Moving Across The Country (10:43)
  • Finding Out She Was Pregnant 2 Days Before Moving (13:20)
  • How Pregnancy Has Changed Their Finances (15:35)
  • Switching From Cash Envelope Budgeting To A Digital App (21:37)
  • How Amanda Plans To Build Wealth (28:28)
  • How You Can Get Started On Your Journey (31:00)

Resources Mentioned

Playing With Fire Documentary

Bigger Pockets Podcast

#DebtFreeCommunity On Instagram

YNAB Budgeting App

Amanda from DebtFreeInSunnyCA is using geoarbitrage to reach early retirement. Learn more on this episode of the wealthy neighbors show.

Connect With Amanda

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