Father’s Day Gift Ideas That He’ll Love In 2020

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Father's Day Gift Ideas That Are Cheap And Can Be From A WIfe, Kids, or Anyone Else

Father's Day Gift ideas from kids, wives, and family.

Last minute Father's Day gift ideas for those looking to save money

He may not win an award anytime soon for his jokes, but, nonetheless, he is a great dad.

Show a little bit of appreciation for the father in your life with this incredible group of gifts.

A Book Of Dad Jokes

Let’s face it- corny jokes are a dad’s dream.

Grab a copy of this book to supply him with enough dad jokes to last the rest of this year.

Leather Airpods Case

Did Dad recently receive some new airpods?

Help him keep them protected with this amazing father’s day gift.

“Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad” Book

Everything is about to change in the life of a Dad-To-Be. I definitely recommend grabbing a copy of one of my favorite books that I read during our pregnancy.

Not only will it help dad with learning everything that’s currently happening and about to happen, but it will help mom by keeping her from having to explain literally everything to him.

20+ FATHERS DAY GIFT IDEAS FOR YOUNG AND FIRST TIME FATHERS. fathers day gift ideas from kids, birthday gifts for dad, first fathers day

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kits

Does the dad in your life love hot sauce?

Grab him this kit for father’s day so he can begin to perfect his own sauces.

6-Pack Golf Bag Cooler

This golf bag cooler fits inside Dad’s golf bag allowing him to save money by bringing his own drinks from home. It’s also insulated and comes with an ice pack which keeps his beers cold for an entire round.


Magnetic Tool Wristband

Have a handy dad in your life?

This wristband uses powerful magnets that will keep all of his tools close by as he works.

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Grab this for father’s day below.

RTIC 30 oz Tumbler

These are pretty sweet and come in at a way lower cost than the Yeti cups. Taylor and I both have a couple and highly recommend them to everyone!

Power Bank For Cell Phone

If the new dad in your life is anything like me, he’s taking a ton of photos and videos.

Make sure he doesn’t miss any of the moments by grabbing this super slim power bank for his phone.

It’s super portable and has the cables built in already for extra convenience.

Ancestry DNA Test Kit

Help him learn more about his heritage this father’s day with this Ancestry DNA test kit.

Beer Cap Holder

Get Dad something for the man cave with one of these two beer cap holders.

They are available in all letters and states.

Wooden Phone Docking Station




Keep Dad organized with this incredibly nifty invention.

MVMT Minimalist Watch

This watch is HOT! And let’s face it- his watch may be hanging on by a thread.

Grab this one and upgrade his wrist game this father’s day.

Wireless Charger

No more looking for charges and cords! Death to dead phones in 2020!

It doesn’t matter if Dad has an iPhone or Android- he can keep his phone ready to go with this wireless charger.

“52 Things To Do While You Poo” Book

Let’s face it: sometimes it can get a little boring in there. Keep Dad entertained while he takes care of business with this hilarious gift idea.

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It will also be a good laugh for any company that happens to stumble across it.

Tile Pro

Being a new dad, running this blog, and working full-time means there is no time for meaningless tasks like hanging your keys up right as you walk in the door.

Or putting your wallet in the same place every day.

It just doesn’t happen. Help dad at least be able to find his keys/wallet/etc that he left in the fridge after grabbing himself a cold one with the Tile Slim.

“World’s Best Farter” T-Shirt

There’s nothing like a Dad with a great sense of humor. For under $15, this is a Father’s Day gift that will never be forgotten and will be appreciated until it starts get those random holes in weird places that only Dad’s have.

Magic Hands Neck/Back Massager

Featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things List, these massagers are incredible.

This massager recreates the feeling of human hands and is super portable- which is a mega-bonus!

“What I Love About Dad” Book

Okay this is for sure one of the coolest gifts on the list. Each page has a general statement and a fill-in-the-blank line for you to tell your Dad why he’s the best.

When I saw this, all I could think about was how awesome it would be to have something like this from Alison once she was old enough and I knew I had to recommend it. Be sure to check it out!

Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This wine bottle opener is cordless, fits pretty much every bottle, and requires little to no effort. Do I need to say anything else?

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Oversized Genuine Leather Travel Bag

I’m always on the go. Sometimes it’s just for a night and I really don’t want to be carrying around a huge suitcase for that trip.

This bag is perfect for dads that are always on the move for shorter periods of time.

The Official Beard Bib

Chances are you’ve heard a man getting yelled at for leaving hair everywhere after a quick shave.

I’ll admit that I’ve done it (with every intention to clean it up) when I was in a major rush to get somewhere and needed a quick trim.

Not only is this the Beard Bib a great gift for any man, but it could help save a marriage too.  🙂  🙂


Alright. I know some of you will see all these awesome gift ideas and go “Eh. I think what Dad really needs is a nice pair of socks.” If you don’t want to get that awkward smile people do when they hate your gift, but think socks is a good idea, go with something cool like these.

Gift Card + Father’s Day Card

Scared you’re gonna blow it by picking something he absolutely hates this year? There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe and snagging a gift card and a funny Father’s Day card.

Long-Distance Touch Lamps

Have a Dad that’s far away? Get him this touch lamp!

This lamp changes colors when you touch it to let him know that he’s on your mind and vice versa.

Super cool, huh?!?


A first-time father shares father's day gift ideas for kids, spouses, parents, etc.
A first-time father shares father's day gift ideas for kids, spouses, parents, etc.
A first-time father shares affordable father's day gift ideas for kids, spouses, parents, etc.

A first-time father shares affordable father's day gift ideas for kids, spouses, parents, etc

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