This Military Family Paid Off $105,000 On One Income. Here’s How

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The wealthy neighbors show episode 5
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I’ve encountered people who believe that you need two very high incomes with no kids in order to become debt-free.

However, on today’s episode of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, we talk about paying off debt on one income while raising kids.

Tancy Campbell is a stay at home mother who led her family on a debt-free journey not just one time, but twice!

Listen below as we talk about the lifestyle changes they needed to make to pay off debt, how being in debt impacted their marriage, and finally, how they plan to build wealth going forward.

Key Moments To Listen For

  • How Tancy And Her Huband Met [2:00]
  • Why She Became A SAHM & The Impact On Their Finances [2:53]
  • How They Found Themselves $105,000 In Debt [5:37]
  • How Not Being On The Same Page Financially Impacted Their Marriage [10:07]
  • What Lifestyle Changes Helped Them The Most [19:04]
  • How They Are Planning To Build Wealth [24:11]
  • Advice To Those On One Income [29:25]

Resources Mentioned


The Total Money Makeover

Atomic Habits


The Dave Ramsey Show

Connect With Tancy

Tancy Campbell is a stay at home mom who led her family to pay off $105,000 worth of debt in 48 months on 1 income. Here's her story.
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