My Biggest Money Mistakes And What I Learned From Them

My biggest and worst money mistakes

By my thirtieth birthday, my wife and I were consumer debt free, with a six figure net worth and more than 25% of the way to reaching financial independence. Things have been going pretty well for us the last few years, but we didn’t always make the best choices with our money.  In fact, I’d […]

How Travel Hacking Allows My Family of 3 To Vacation For Free

In this podcast episode, I share how my family of 3 uses travel hacking to vacation for free.

Travel hacking is using bonus points- whether from a credit card or a travel company- to cover your travel expenses. Thanks to travel hacking, we took 5 vacations last year and only paid taxes, which is usually about $11 for a round trip flight per person. In this episode of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, I’m […]

Travel Hacking: How We Take Free Trips…and How You Can Too

How to start travel hacking and take your dream vacation for free

Today is the day there will be a major pivot on this blog going forward. If you know our story, you know that we paid off $61,000 worth of debt in only 16 months. (Long story short: we realized we were broke on our honeymoon then bossed up and paid off our debt) After paying […]