How Debt-Freedom Helped Kendall Launch Her Own Business

On this episode of the wealthy neighbors show, I talk to Kendall berry who paid off 53,000 worth of debt then launched her own business.

On this episode of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, I talk to Kendall Berry of Berry Personal Finance. Kendall and her husband found themselves over $53,000 in debt and paid if off in only 7 months. But they didn’t stop there. They built a nice savings and started investing which gave them the flexibility for Kendall […]

Teacher Makes $30,000 Charging E-Scooters To Pay Off Debt

This teacher made more money with this unique side hustle to pay off debt

Today’s guest is MJ Bridges- a teacher from Atlanta who found himself over $97,000 in debt. MJ stumbled upon a unique side hustle (charging e-scooters) that ultimately made him over $30,000 in one year! Listen below as MJ chronicles his journey out of debt using this side hustle. Key Moments To Listen For How MJ […]

This Couple Blew $2 Million Then Paid Off $380k in 3 Years

paying off debt, paying off the mortgage, dave ramsey baby steps

This week, my friend Kyle Depiesse stopped by the neighborhood to share his financial journey with us. After Kyle calculated his households career earnings, he knew a change was needed. He got to work researching and found Dave Ramsey’s plan which helped him pay off $380,000 worth of debt in only 38 short months. During […]

Pursuing F.I.R.E. After Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps With Corey

Corey, known as Fire.In.Beantown on Instagram, and his wife, Heather, paid off over $94,000 in 34 months. As of today, they are pursuing F.I.R.E., which stand for Financial Independence, Retire Early, and have built up a 6-figure net worth. In this episode of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, we talk about their journey. Listen below: Key […]

The Only 2 Money Resolutions You Need In 2020

As you close out one year and look towards the next, you may have a resolved to finally get your finances in order by saving more money, paying off debt, or finally starting to invest. Those are fantastic goals, however, most of us usually have ditched our resolutions by February. And instead of trying to […]

How A No-Spend Year Helped Ashley Pay Off Debt

Drastic times call for drastic measures! When Ashley found herself over $86,000 in debt, she knew she needed to make a change. That change came in the form of a no-spend year- which helped her pay off $86,000 in less than 2 years. Listen below for more of her story: Key Moments To Listen For […]

Do I Need To Save An Emergency Fund Before Paying Off Debt?

Do I really need to save an emergency fund before paying off debt?

So many people want to become debt free, but feel like they just don’t know where to start. Today’s Money Talk Monday episode is a listener question from Brandon who asks, “I recently started this side hustle to pay off my car loan faster but I need to know…am I supposed to have a comfortable […]

This PhD Grad Is Delivering Groceries To Pay Off Student Loans

This PhD Grad Delivers Groceries as A Side HUstle To Pay Off Her Student Loan Debt. Listen to her story about side hustling here.

Side hustles are a great way to earn some extra cash to reach your financial goals. In this week’s episode of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, I’m joined by Dr Shana Green who side hustles using Instacart and YouTube to pay off her student loan debt. Listen below as we talk about how Shana dealt with […]

How To Get On The Same Page As Your Spouse With Money

Learn how to get on the same page as your spouse with money to help end money fights in marriage

We all know that money fights are one of the leading causes of divorce. So why is it that so many couples struggle to get on the same page when it comes to managing money? There are many reasons, however, I believe a big part of the problem lies in how we communicate with one […]