My Biggest Money Mistakes And What I Learned From Them

My biggest and worst money mistakes

By my thirtieth birthday, my wife and I were consumer debt free, with a six figure net worth and more than 25% of the way to reaching financial independence. Things have been going pretty well for us the last few years, but we didn’t always make the best choices with our money.  In fact, I’d […]

How Combining Finances Helped This Couple Pay Off $233,000

combining finances to pay off debt

On episode 23 of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, I sit down with Lauren Mochizuki of to discuss her family’s debt-free journey. Lauren was a big spender, so when her husband approached her with paying off debt, she was shocked. Listen in as Lauren shares how she was able to get on board, the steps […]

7 Steps To Take Before You Start Investing

7 things to do before you start investing

Is now a good time to invest? That seems to be the million dollar question as coronavirus has swept the nation and turned the stock market upside down. What I hear when people ask me this is, “If I invest in these current market conditions, can I get rich or would I be throwing my […]

Coronavirus And Your Finances: 7 Money Tips For Your Family

Our world can change instantly– we know this to be true on a philosophical level, but as a new pandemic sweeps the nation, we are now feeling this fact in reality.  Many of you are anxious about losing hours at work or even losing your job entirely.  Coronavirus has affected my family as well.  My […]

The Pros & Cons Of Refinancing A Mortgage

refinancing your mortgage pros and cons

Mortgage interest rates have been hovering around an all-time low for a while now and naturally when this happens, a common question I get is, “Is it a good time for me to refinance?” It’s a wonderful question to ask and means you’re thinking about the bigger picture. Refinancing your mortgage could potentially save you […]

How Kofi Paid Off His Student Loans In One Year

According to a recent study, almost 50 million Americans have a combined total of $1.47 trillion of student loan debt. Even worse, almost 11% of Americans default on their student loans within 3 years. This is a problem, so today I brought Kofi Gyebi of 400 LB Elephant on the podcast to talk about how […]

Social Worker Goes Back Into Debt After Paying Off $79,000 In 2 Years

paying off debt

Most Americans have a tough time imagining life without debt. I mean the average American under the age of 35 has roughly $68,000 worth of debt. Sonia Sears was able to make her dream of debt freedom a reality after she paid off $79,000 worth of debt in only 2 years. But the dream was […]

How Married Couples Can Win In Fitness And In Wealth

Do you have to choose between your health and your wealth? Ashonzay and Elie from debtfreeandfitness don't believe so. Listen to this podcast episode where they teach married couples how to live a healthy and wealthy life.

For this Valentine’s Day episode, I invited Ashonzay and Ellie Matlock from DebtFree&Fitness on The Wealthy Neighbors Show to talk about money and their marriage. Zay and Ellie are a millennial couple that focus on sharing their journey of marriage, finance, and fitness. They believe in the motto “Health is Wealth”. While sharing their own […]

8 Super Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Refund This Year

don't blow your tax refund

Are you expecting a tax refund check this year? We all know that saving it is a better option than completely blowing it, right? But those aren’t the only 2 options when it comes to your tax refund. Listen below as I share 8 super smart ways you can use your tax refund to win […]

Couple Pays Off $229,000 Worth of Debt In 5 Years

mel and murph from fitnfunds share how they paid off debt

Melissa & Murphy Stewart of stopped by the neighborhood to share how they were able to pay off $229,000 worth of debt in only 5 short years. Listen To The Episode Key Moments To Listen For How Murph & Mel Met [1:33] How They Managed Money As Individuals Prior To Dating [3:09] Realizing They […]