How Debt-Freedom Helped Kendall Launch Her Own Business

On this episode of the wealthy neighbors show, I talk to Kendall berry who paid off 53,000 worth of debt then launched her own business.

On this episode of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, I talk to Kendall Berry of Berry Personal Finance. Kendall and her husband found themselves over $53,000 in debt and paid if off in only 7 months. But they didn’t stop there. They built a nice savings and started investing which gave them the flexibility for Kendall […]

How Travel Hacking Allows My Family of 3 To Vacation For Free

In this podcast episode, I share how my family of 3 uses travel hacking to vacation for free.

Travel hacking is using bonus points- whether from a credit card or a travel company- to cover your travel expenses. Thanks to travel hacking, we took 5 vacations last year and only paid taxes, which is usually about $11 for a round trip flight per person. In this episode of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, I’m […]

This Couple Blew $2 Million Then Paid Off $380k in 3 Years

paying off debt, paying off the mortgage, dave ramsey baby steps

This week, my friend Kyle Depiesse stopped by the neighborhood to share his financial journey with us. After Kyle calculated his households career earnings, he knew a change was needed. He got to work researching and found Dave Ramsey’s plan which helped him pay off $380,000 worth of debt in only 38 short months. During […]

Pursuing F.I.R.E. After Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps With Corey

Corey, known as Fire.In.Beantown on Instagram, and his wife, Heather, paid off over $94,000 in 34 months. As of today, they are pursuing F.I.R.E., which stand for Financial Independence, Retire Early, and have built up a 6-figure net worth. In this episode of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, we talk about their journey. Listen below: Key […]

How A No-Spend Year Helped Ashley Pay Off Debt

Drastic times call for drastic measures! When Ashley found herself over $86,000 in debt, she knew she needed to make a change. That change came in the form of a no-spend year- which helped her pay off $86,000 in less than 2 years. Listen below for more of her story: Key Moments To Listen For […]

How To Get On The Same Page As Your Spouse With Money

Learn how to get on the same page as your spouse with money to help end money fights in marriage

We all know that money fights are one of the leading causes of divorce. So why is it that so many couples struggle to get on the same page when it comes to managing money? There are many reasons, however, I believe a big part of the problem lies in how we communicate with one […]

Building Wealth While Raising Kids With Liz Carroll

Episode 6 of the Wealthy Neighbors Show

 Be sure to check out our show sponsor Everyday Life for your life insurance needs.   Is it possible to build enough wealth to retire early while raising kids? I definitely believe so and today’s guest has actually done it. Liz Carroll of Mindful Money Coaches joins me today to discuss how she was able […]

Using Geoarbitrage To Reach Your Money Goals With Amanda Williams

On Episode 6 of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, I talk to Amanda WIlliams who is using geoarbitrage to reach her retirement goals earlier than usual. Listen to the episode here.

Be sure to check out our show sponsor Everyday Life for all of your life insurance needs! Could you move across the country to save money if it meant reaching your life goals sooner? That’s what today’s guest, Amanda Williams of DebtFreeInSunnyCa, did recently. Amanda and her husband, Josh, left California for Austin, TX to […]

This Military Family Paid Off $105,000 On One Income. Here’s How

Tancy Campbell joins host Michael Lacy on The Wealthy Neighbors Show to discuss paying off $105k in debt on one income.

Check out our show sponsor Everyday Life for your life insurance needs! I’ve encountered people who believe that you need two very high incomes with no kids in order to become debt-free. However, on today’s episode of The Wealthy Neighbors Show, we talk about paying off debt on one income while raising kids. Tancy Campbell […]