Teacher Makes $30,000 Charging E-Scooters To Pay Off Debt

This teacher made more money with this unique side hustle to pay off debt

Today’s guest is MJ Bridges- a teacher from Atlanta who found himself over $97,000 in debt. MJ stumbled upon a unique side hustle (charging e-scooters) that ultimately made him over $30,000 in one year! Listen below as MJ chronicles his journey out of debt using this side hustle. Key Moments To Listen For How MJ […]

This Couple Blew $2 Million Then Paid Off $380k in 3 Years

paying off debt, paying off the mortgage, dave ramsey baby steps

This week, my friend Kyle Depiesse stopped by the neighborhood to share his financial journey with us. After Kyle calculated his households career earnings, he knew a change was needed. He got to work researching and found Dave Ramsey’s plan which helped him pay off $380,000 worth of debt in only 38 short months. During […]

The Only 2 Money Resolutions You Need In 2020

As you close out one year and look towards the next, you may have a resolved to finally get your finances in order by saving more money, paying off debt, or finally starting to invest. Those are fantastic goals, however, most of us usually have ditched our resolutions by February. And instead of trying to […]

Building Wealth While Raising Kids With Liz Carroll

Episode 6 of the Wealthy Neighbors Show

 Be sure to check out our show sponsor Everyday Life for your life insurance needs.   Is it possible to build enough wealth to retire early while raising kids? I definitely believe so and today’s guest has actually done it. Liz Carroll of Mindful Money Coaches joins me today to discuss how she was able […]

Bernadette and AJ Paid Off $300,000 In 3 Years. Here’s How

On episode3 of The Wealthy Neighbors show, we talk to bernadette joy who paid off $300,000 worth of debt in only 3 years with her husband AJ.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Bernadette Joy in this episode of The Wealthy Neighbors Show. Bernadette and her husband AJ were able to successfully pay off over $300,000 worth of debt in over 3 years. We talked about how she found herself in so much debt, how she was able to get AJ […]

How I Went From Poverty To $100k In 6 Years

Back in 2012, I found myself broke, unemployed, and without a stable place to live. It was quite honestly rock bottom for me even though I had already grown up in extreme poverty. My mother tried her best to shield me from the situation as a kid. But as a 23 year old adult, I […]

9 Easy Ways To Boost Your Net Worth Before 30

Learn 9 ways one man was able to reach a 6-figure net worth before his 30th birthday.

Today is my 30th birthday. I remember turning 20 thinking how far away this day seemed. As I reflect back over the last decade, it feels like that day was just yesterday. Seriously how does time seem to move faster as we get older? It’s crazy! I don’t want to go all philosophical on ya, […]

30 Money Goals To Hit Before 30


So as I go into the last month of my 20’s, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on some of the choices I made during the last decade. I made a lot of financial mistakes like: Going into credit card debt Overdrafting my account more than I can remember Financing a brand new car […]

Should You Focus On Spending Less Or Earning More?

Should you focus on saving more money by spending less or finding ways to make more money

Man oh man! It’s time to jump into a topic that’s always a little controversial in the money world. The question is: is it more important to spend less money or make more money? Now I gotta preface this post by saying that I completely get the extreme examples on both sides of the spectrum. […]