How Jason Makes $1k/Month Selling Items On Ebay Part-Time

making money on ebay as a reseller

Jason Butler of stops in to share his best tips for making money as an ebay reseller. Jason currently has an ebay store with over 250 items listed and brings in about $1,000 per month in revenue. This is in addition to working a full-time job and managing other side hustles. We talk about […]

How Fran Earns $5k/Month From Home As A Virtual Assistant

how to start working from home as a virtual assistant

On episode 24 of The Winning To Wealth Podcast, Fran Moore stops by to share how she went from aspiring virtual assistant to making enough money to quit her job in a few short months. We talk about topics like: What exactly is a virtual assistant? How to determine is becoming a virtual assistant is […]

Coronavirus And Your Finances: 7 Money Tips For Your Family

Our world can change instantly– we know this to be true on a philosophical level, but as a new pandemic sweeps the nation, we are now feeling this fact in reality.  Many of you are anxious about losing hours at work or even losing your job entirely.  Coronavirus has affected my family as well.  My […]

How Kofi Paid Off His Student Loans In One Year

According to a recent study, almost 50 million Americans have a combined total of $1.47 trillion of student loan debt. Even worse, almost 11% of Americans default on their student loans within 3 years. This is a problem, so today I brought Kofi Gyebi of 400 LB Elephant on the podcast to talk about how […]

Overcome Financial Problems By Following These 7 Steps

how to overcome financial problems

According to a recent FNBO survey, 49% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. The survey also revealed that 53% of Americans do not have three months of expenses saved in case of emergency. On the bright side, 91% of the folks surveyed said better money habits was a goal for this year.  If you […]

How This 26 Year Old Built A $700,000 Net Worth

building a high net worth to reach financial independence and retire early

Jay Millennial is a 26 year old with a current goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30. As of today, his net worth sits just above $700,000? How did Jay accomplish this at such a young age? By living on less than he earned and making wise investment decisions (like real estate […]

How Married Couples Can Win In Fitness And In Wealth

Do you have to choose between your health and your wealth? Ashonzay and Elie from debtfreeandfitness don't believe so. Listen to this podcast episode where they teach married couples how to live a healthy and wealthy life.

For this Valentine’s Day episode, I invited Ashonzay and Ellie Matlock from DebtFree&Fitness on The Wealthy Neighbors Show to talk about money and their marriage. Zay and Ellie are a millennial couple that focus on sharing their journey of marriage, finance, and fitness. They believe in the motto “Health is Wealth”. While sharing their own […]

8 Super Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Refund This Year

don't blow your tax refund

Are you expecting a tax refund check this year? We all know that saving it is a better option than completely blowing it, right? But those aren’t the only 2 options when it comes to your tax refund. Listen below as I share 8 super smart ways you can use your tax refund to win […]

House Hacking Your Way To Financial Independence

Andrew Kerr stops by the neighborhood to share his journey to financial independence using a strategy known as house hacking

House hacking is a fantastic way to save money on your living expenses. And by freeing up your income, you’re afforded more opportunities to make solid investment choices. That’s why I invited Andrew Kerr from The House Hacking Podcast on to the show to share how he’s used house hacking to reach certain financial goals. […]

What Is Financial Independence & How Can You Achieve It

In this money talk monday episode on the wealthy neighbors show, i share my definition of financial independence and lay out some practical steps to help your family reach financial independence.

Reaching financial independence before age 40 is one of our top money goals. With that said, I wanted to use this Money Talk Monday to share what financial independence is and how you can achieve it. Financial independence in its simplest form is when the money you have is enough to cover your lifestyle for […]