Building Wealth While Raising Kids With Liz Carroll

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In this episode of the wealthy neighbors show we talk to liz carroll about building wealth while raising kids


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Is it possible to build enough wealth to retire early while raising kids?

I definitely believe so and today’s guest has actually done it.

Liz Carroll of Mindful Money Coaches joins me today to discuss how she was able to save $200,000 for her kids college education while building enough wealth with real estate to retire in her early 50s.

Listen below:

Key Moments To Listen For

  • How Liz and her husband Dan managed money in the early days (1:52)
  • Where the motivation to retire early came from (6:25)
  • How selling their dream house helped them reach their goals faster (9:30)
  • How having kids changed their finances (11:02)
  • Balancing kids activities with saving for college (12:30)
  • Determining how much to save for kids college (16:45)
  • How to determine what a good deal is in real estate (20:28)
  • Why buying real estate with cash instead of loans is important (22:20)
  • How Liz and Dan stay busy in early retirement now (26:54)

Resources Mentioned

The Millionaire Next Door

Connect With Liz & Dan



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Can you retire early if you have kids? It's definitely possible with the right goals and a solid financial plan. Just ask our latest guest Liz Carroll who retired early at age 52 while raising 2 kids.

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